She is consisted of 6 diamonds of different sizes and years.

Impression of Kottier

   Kottier is a diamond brand of Xinxu Trade, It’s an Indian famous diamond brand with professional diamond designing team of India and Belgium and direct supplying and processing of diamond raw material.

   Kottier was founded in 1999. Belgian designer team was in charge of the brand at the beginning of its foundation. Its feature is “Tide of jewelry, inheritance of value” and it wins the favor of the public and consistent high praise from the masses with design style of latest fashion and most professional manufacturing technique.

   Kottier always insists on the brand philosophy of “restoring the value of diamond itself as basis and inheriting value as idea” since its foundation and makes customized jewelry for each customer which belongs to themselves with the creditable quality, unique design and exquisite technique. After development of these years, “Kottier” has been a benchmark brand in value retention diamond.

    In 1999, when I planed to establish a diamond customizing company, my friend introduced a customer named Lisa and asked me whether I was willing to purchase her diamond jewelry set. Even though I was major in diamond, I was shocked by the jewelry set named “Kottier”. The value of the jewelry set was about 1.7 million after the instrument tested. I asked Lisa with curiosity where was the “Kottier” from after a deal.

   In 1946, Latasha married to a man in Karl’s who were rich in that place. And the same with all girls, Latasha liked decorating her identity with all kinds of jewelries. At that time, diamond was not jewelry of mainstream. But Latasha born in a businessman family knew that any fashionable jewelry would be out of date one day. Once the jewelry was out of date, even luxurious jewelry would be cheap. However, diamond lasted forever and it would be a new style just by renewing the collet and its value would be higher and higher. So Latasha would give priority to diamond every time when she chose jewelry. As time flied, little Karl inherited the family business after thirty years and he was at an age when he should marry and have a baby. So Latasha took all her jewelries to jewelry store and made a “rebirth”. The jewelry set after processing was particularly luxurious and dazzling and Latasha named the jewelry “Kottier” which mean “permanent and never changing”. On the day before wedding day, Latasha sent the “Kottier” to Lisa who would be her daughter-in-law soon and hoped her to inherit the idea of “Kottier” continuously.

   At present, Lisa is forced to “deposit” her beloved jewelry here because of capital rupture of Karl’s company, but I believe Lisa will be back to get her “Kottier” one day. 

Later I registered a company with the name “Kottier” and I hope to convey the idea of Kottier to everyone.

“Restoring the value of diamond itself as basis and inheriting value as idea” is the brand philosophy which Kottier always insists on and Kottier makes customized unique jewelry for general customers which belonging to themselves with heart.

Kottier “does my best and becomes the wind vane in diamond jewelry with the concept of value inheritance.”